Further introductory comment

Every shot fired from a gun has someone’s name on it (more Diderot, more or less)

Scribbling is spontaneous, according to The Psychology  of Children’s Art (R. Kellogg  & S. O’Dell, 1967).  Seventeen different kinds have been identified:

KellogPsychChildArtp20 001

When I was a kid, I’d compare my crappy drawings to the above cited book.  I could figure out whether my pictures were in the correct developmental age group.  I hoped to outperform, but hand-eye coordination has never been my strong suit.  At a minimum, I could study what the competition was up to.

The picture below is captioned as follows: The most dramatic aspect of this scribbling was achieved when the child accidentally used a near-perfect combination of color and balance. Were the colors reversed— yellow substituted for purple and purple for yellow— the painting would lose its power.

KellogPsychChildArtp12 001

Upscale hippies aim for precise performance linked to utter naturalness of execution.  Upscale hippies have tended to be the authority figures in my life and this expectation scares the crap out of me.  Always has and continues to as I start this blog.

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