none of us knows what we want or what we are doing, and we follow our whims which we call reason, or our reason which is often nothing but a dangerous whim which sometimes turns out well, sometimes badly.
(Diderot, Jacques le fataliste et son maître, trans. Michael Henry).

What possible reason could there be for my starting this blog? What is it good for? My goals are unclear.  Generalist blogs are often misguided: there’s a lot to be said for blogs run by monomaniacal obsessives, whether driven by focused righteousness (go NGDP targeting?) or a very specific skill set and a generally compulsive manner.  Too large a world of potential content can simply overwhelm.  For the time being, however, this is a generalist blog, likely doomed.  Why then? However broadly (un)focused, there’s a bunch of concepts that loop around my head that I don’t see reflected elsewhere.  As I’m rounding out my thoughts on my initial posts, my area of interest seems to be culture in the context of status games.  Let’s see what, if anything, this might mean in upcoming posts.

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  1. […] posted three themes for this blog so far (culture status games, ambitious middlebrow, progressive retrograde).  I’m pretty sure they’re circling the […]

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