An offhand review

Through the 90’s, at least, the appearance of the retro in the pop music of the day tended to manifest as a big flashing arrow pointing to a reference.  Not a lot of substance required.  Lennon glasses topping off some new stuff from the mall.  Instantiating the retro in a careful, caring way is a different matter.  Instantiating (rather than borrowing costumery) requires a great deal more personal commitment and closer attention to aesthetic fine points.  Archival but not chilly.  Not a tribute and not a pastiche.   And so, quite like, say, Michael Bublé to the pop hits of a certain era, so to some others.

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2 comments on “An offhand review
  1. HS says:

    That’s a cool sounding band. I didn’t realize at first that it’s an all girl band. They have something of old Cure and Iggy and the Stooges, but forgetting about ever present comparisons, they are pretty rad in their own right.

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