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Horizon, Autumn 1967(Part 3): Horizon Examines its Contemporaries

Non-catastrophizing, low drama: Horizon is consistently low-angst about the cultural and political upheavals of the day.  The photo and its caption above are rather characteristic: once you notice that continuity is of the essence, you’ll see there’s no big reason to freak

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The mention of Asterix in the last post got me a little overexcited and I can’t help but add on a small follow up post. I’m not much of a foodie and I suspect this well may be my only

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A Classical Education

Round about the 1970’s pop culture images circulating of the Greek and Roman classical world were something like this: 1. A couple more pics because there’s something so lovely and cartoony and delicate and humane about the illustrations.  Hera, Argus, Io:

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This blog’s name is gibberish, right? It has a rough similarity to some no longer terribly fresh internet companies: Flikr, tumblr.  Misleading.  An unfortunate association, but one I’ll eat if I have to.  Should this little project go awry, however,

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Notes on Prog: Swift-Footed Achilles

“Self-indulgent” seems to be everyone’s fave epithet for prog rock.  Just trotted out there, whether it makes any sense at all.  A scoundrel’s request of the readership, but I think it makes sense this time: just do a Google search. 

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