Notes on Prog: Swift-Footed Achilles

Achilles/Hector vase

“Self-indulgent” seems to be everyone’s fave epithet for prog rock.  Just trotted out there, whether it makes any sense at all.  A scoundrel’s request of the readership, but I think it makes sense this time: just do a Google search.  You will find a mess of the arbitrary and senseless reflexive.

Dance pop isn’t “self-indulgent” and once one plunges into Mahlerian decadence, I guess that’s something different as well.

What is it about prog that makes “self-indulgent” such a tempting phrase.  Is it just one of those phrases that’s needed to meet the meter?  (e.g. .  “Self-indulgent progressive rock noodling” will be a tough sell metrically, though, to most but maybe not all.

Gerard Manley Hopkins

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2 comments on “Notes on Prog: Swift-Footed Achilles
  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t most art somewhat self-indulgent, including prog, Mahler, and disco?

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