This blog’s name is gibberish, right? It has a rough similarity to some no longer terribly fresh internet companies: Flikr, tumblr.  Misleading.  An unfortunate association, but one I’ll eat if I have to.  Should this little project go awry, however, I’ll try to keep it in mind to put the name on the market when mid-2000’s tech-nostalgia hits.

Acronyms are great.  Meaningful and meaningless at the same time.  That’s why I don’t relish expanding and explaining JINPR.  But it’s coming to feel bad form not to: Journal for Investigation into the Nonspecific Progressive Retrograde.

The faux scientific “journal” I find entertaining.  “Progressive” does, in part, refer to the prog rock content that has shown up so far and that will keep coming (but will not be JINPR’s main focus).  But only in part: read “progressive” and “retrograde” as broadly as possible (therefore “nonspecific”).  You may want to ask yourself the following: does the step forward (progressive) come first, or does the step backward (retrograde)? It will depend on the subject at hand, I’d suggest.  I’d apologize for the somewhat ambiguous, open ended nature of these statements, but as a prog rock fan, I say, why keep it simple?

I’ve posted three themes for this blog so far (culture status games, ambitious middlebrow, progressive retrograde).  I’m pretty sure they’re circling the same moderately sized territory, but befuddlement for the time being even among my small and select readership wouldn’t surprise me.  Stay with me to see if befuddlement intensifies or dissipates.

An entirely suitable and quite singular bit of wry nostalgic non-nostalgia:

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4 comments on “JINPR…
  1. Anonymous says:

    Making the flute a cool rock instrument for over 40 years now. Actually The Marshall Tucker Band did a fair job of that too. Glad to finally know the acronym: absolutely perfect for a blog with frequent prog rock posts! It’s overwrought just enough…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so a journal. It will be interesting to see the new research and findings.
    Jethro Tull: fuzzy, warm memories of high school spent in Germany and of a special friend who wanted to be Ian Anderson. Indeed, time does not seem to have caught up to that flute or the lyrics yet.

  3. HS says:

    Yes to Asterix and monumental movies (Spartacus, Ben Hur, etc.) as far as my own education is concerned. With respect to “current kid’s vision” I have no clue. You’ll have to ask them or someone who owns one. Whatever I could tell you would not have much merit for a journal.

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