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3, Third, but mostly the first one

Record reviews, stale and staler.  One album some months old, one some decades, but it’s just a bit of surface mildew. Really, it’s just fine; just scrape it off and bon appetit. A overenthralled Soft Machine fan, I found myself

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is an energy

I tell people my two drives in life are boredom and self-loathing and they say they feel sorry for me.  Then I’m like: at least I’ve got something, asshole.

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1 pop 2 pop my pop your pop

Sometimes it seems a thing beyond always somewhat fickle matters of taste and into something far more fundamentally inalterable (inner ear architectures, perhaps) when what is gorgeous and fun to some is to others like toy poodles shitting in your

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Viktor Shklovsky in the TLS and in general

It is quite impossible to grasp the expansiveness of St. Peter’s Basilica—it seems to have no scale. In the open space of the Basilica, far apart from one another stand the colossal statues of angels that one cannot see simultaneously

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3 more notes on Still Smiling (and an axolotl addendum)

1. Let me once again thank the Quietus review for tipping me to this remarkable Bargeld/Teardo collaboration.  In contrast to a lot of online album reviews, it’s indubitable music criticism rather than hipster word salad: I’m a better, smarter person for having read

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A  review in the Quietus tipped me to Still Smiling, a new release by Blixa Bargeld and Italian composer Teho Teardo. Video of low-key but compelling opening track: Or the video-less title track:

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