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Tarkus, you moron motherfucker, but a few other relevant points come to mind also

Re: Emerson Lake & Palmer: Do They Suck 1. Prog has restored itself to place of cultural interest and respect to such a level that posting a prog-slamming post is now a going choice for a blog to resort to for

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It was a dark and stormy night. Hugo Chavez and Konstantin Levin stopped to debate crop yields

This was the comandante’s strategy in a nutshell : Whatever the problem, tell a story. Turn a problem into a narrative, make the country an audience, and hold its attention. Cuba , he said, had lent cloud -seeding equipment that

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This post is aiming to be something between the Queen’s Christmas message and Self Magazine’s Top New Year’s Resolutions for a Better You!

Happy just-past holidays to you all, my few lovely readers! Without exception everything worth doing in this excruciatingly long/short span of this breathing/heartbeating business we’re invested in is right on the border of whim and compulsion. Implausible that they can

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