I’m doing the best I can without trying too hard (crap spirituality 1)

The thing that can confuse me about cults or new age movements or self-help books is they have to broadly indulge/engage one’s fantasies without, however, being too trivial or easy. Some sort of time-consuming seminars, fussy dietary restrictions, substantial outgoing payments, etc., etc. are always added on.  All those lovely washed out unitarianisms and whatnot would be more popular were low levels of effort required: you’re ok, we’re redeemed.  But some suffering turns out to be essential.

At any rate, every so often I forget what I’ve just lined out above and consider starting a really low key cult that will be popular (and therefore potentially lucrative for its founder) because it’s just not that demanding.  “I’m doing the best I can without trying too hard,” however, is not a cult or even a  self help article in a women’s mag.  Maybe it’s a new Doritos flavor but that’s all I can claim by way of either  theology or marketing scheme.

This is rather indirectly related, but let me just put it out there that for balancing entertainment and substance in the realm of economics, the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios War knows few rivals.  So depending on how you fall out on this issue of consumer welfare, my redeemer-n-cheese Doritos may still have a chance of having some sort of beneficent effect on humanity.

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