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Tech innovations for court jesters and prostitutes

Some people think the flurry of sharing economy companies such as Airbnb and Uber is a fad or a bubble. I think the creation of new marketplaces, new trading floors, is a pretty powerful thing. Spare capacity, widely but thinly

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Substantial burden, tender conscience, Hobby Lobby

Robert Middlekauff, The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728:  On her deathbed [Increase Mather’s] mother thrust upon him another great burden, a wish expressed in great emotion, that if it were God’s will, Increase should become a minister. Filled with

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I’m doing the best I can without trying too hard (crap spirituality 1)

The thing that can confuse me about cults or new age movements or self-help books is they have to broadly indulge/engage one’s fantasies without, however, being too trivial or easy. Some sort of time-consuming seminars, fussy dietary restrictions, substantial outgoing

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