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stoic saints at the cotillion

A scowling look is altogether unnatural; when it is often assumed, the result is that all comeliness dies away, and at last is so completely extinguished that it cannot be again lighted up at all. Try to conclude from this

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Have you ever felt like you’re being cheated?

Stuck with myself all the live long day regardless of whatever/whoever else might be around I naturally get more bored with myself than with anyone else on the planet.  Note though that boredom with others is a tense affair: 5

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Crap spirituality 2

People talk about self-help books and new agey type spiritual movements dismissively.  Too easy, too narcissistically gratifying.  None of the substance of the graver, more traditional belief systems that have more to do with existential matters and less to do

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I’m doing the best I can without trying too hard (crap spirituality 1)

The thing that can confuse me about cults or new age movements or self-help books is they have to broadly indulge/engage one’s fantasies without, however, being too trivial or easy. Some sort of time-consuming seminars, fussy dietary restrictions, substantial outgoing

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Barbarians and Byzantines

Fix, my son, your mind’s eye upon my words, and learn those things which I command you, and you will be able in due season as from ancestral treasures to bring forth the wealth of wisdom, and to display the

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This post is aiming to be something between the Queen’s Christmas message and Self Magazine’s Top New Year’s Resolutions for a Better You!

Happy just-past holidays to you all, my few lovely readers! Without exception everything worth doing in this excruciatingly long/short span of this breathing/heartbeating business we’re invested in is right on the border of whim and compulsion. Implausible that they can

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Things are worth doing badly or not at all/dilettante schmilettante

You can perfect your skills, strive to make every action a credit to yourself, a service to your community. Or you can just dip into others’ painstakingly acquired virtuosities with your nervous collecting energies and force your subjectivity on them.

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