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Epictetus: When the weather is not fit for sailing, we sit down and torment ourselves, and continually look out to see what wind is blowing. It is north. What is that to us? When will the west wind blow? When

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stoic saints at the cotillion

A scowling look is altogether unnatural; when it is often assumed, the result is that all comeliness dies away, and at last is so completely extinguished that it cannot be again lighted up at all. Try to conclude from this

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good morning

In the morning when thou risest unwillingly, let this thought be present- I am rising to the work of a human being. Why then am I dissatisfied if I am going to do the things for which I exist and

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19th century continental philosophy solves a number of present day domestic and foreign issues in one fell swoop (LitPolEcon 1/3)

On the other hand, what was it that delayed the fall of Rome? It was bread and circuses.  What is being done in our day? Is consideration being given to any means of amusement? On the contrary, our doom is

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saints, cakes, aphorisms

I’ve been considering a canon of saints I can believe in, saints of hypocrisy, self-contradiction, misplaced self-knowledge, and other forms of effortfully baroque recursion. Such a deprecated approach to life, but hypocrisy is the best way of having your cake and

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