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Substantial burden, tender conscience, Hobby Lobby

Robert Middlekauff, The Mathers: Three Generations of Puritan Intellectuals, 1596-1728:  On her deathbed [Increase Mather’s] mother thrust upon him another great burden, a wish expressed in great emotion, that if it were God’s will, Increase should become a minister. Filled with

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It was a dark and stormy night. Hugo Chavez and Konstantin Levin stopped to debate crop yields

This was the comandante’s strategy in a nutshell : Whatever the problem, tell a story. Turn a problem into a narrative, make the country an audience, and hold its attention. Cuba , he said, had lent cloud -seeding equipment that

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Just a bit more on the Venezuelan financial drama (LitPolEcon 3/3)

The central narrative* of interest in the earlier post, by the way, is how the ebbs and flows of Venezuela’s foreign balance of payments inspire a bizarre drama that manages to combine paranoia, violence, beauty queens, gangsters, and lots of suffering

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The Christmas season has officially started in Venezuela (LitPolEcon 2/3)

I don’t keep up with Latin American affairs too closely and this will be more of the same to many. But doesn’t it seem like more than more of the same? Scanning headlines perhaps with my most recently posted gobbet

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19th century continental philosophy solves a number of present day domestic and foreign issues in one fell swoop (LitPolEcon 1/3)

On the other hand, what was it that delayed the fall of Rome? It was bread and circuses.  What is being done in our day? Is consideration being given to any means of amusement? On the contrary, our doom is

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