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Have you ever felt like you’re being cheated?

Stuck with myself all the live long day regardless of whatever/whoever else might be around I naturally get more bored with myself than with anyone else on the planet.  Note though that boredom with others is a tense affair: 5

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System, oversystem, no system (note 3/3): Macdonald again

In an earlier post I expressed a sort of lack of fealty with Dwight Macdonald, choosing to go along with the editors of Horizon, arch champions of midcult per Macdonald and therefore Macdonald’s sworn enemies.  A pro-Macdonald post today, however,

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The funny people I know make a lot of really awful jokes.  Gratuitously filthy, overelaborate, overderivative.  Miscellaneous misjudgments; so many ways to fail.  Humor just has a really high failure rate.  This makes sense, since humor requires revolving its half-strategically, half-whimsically

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…none of us knows what we want or what we are doing, and we follow our whims which we call reason, or our reason which is often nothing but a dangerous whim which sometimes turns out well, sometimes badly. (Diderot, Jacques

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